COVID-19 Self-help Kit

Putting your wellbeing first is our priority. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, stay calm.

Should you have the COVID-19 symptoms within 2 - 4 days of exposure, complete our COVID-19 Risk Assessment Form and make telephonic contact with your first point of medical contact.

If you are diagnosed as COVID-19 positive and are admitted for medical care, it is essential that your treating doctor completes the WHO Admission Form. This form should be sent to your NICD contact person.

Should you wish to understand the concept of COVID-19 exposure and have been advised to self-isolate; you may refer to the COVID-19 Awareness Flowchart to understand: Exposure, Isolation; and returning to your workplace.

What you need to know
Risk Assessment Form
WHO Admission Form
• Awareness Flowchart - Returning Travellers | Exposed Members
What are you covered for?

- MEDiPOS Managed Care Services on 0860 100 078
- NICD COVID-19 Toll Free Number on 0800 029 999



21 February 2020

With effect from 1 April 2020, Medscheme Holdings (Medscheme) will take over the administration and managed care services from our current administrator - Momentum Health Solutions (MHS).

We will share more information around the change in administrators and any matters that you will need to be aware of over the next few weeks as we draw closer to 1 April.

Click here for a copy of our May 2020 Newsletter.


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