Resolving Problems and Queries

According to the Scheme Rules, members can lodge a complaint with the Scheme in the following ways:

0860 100 078

PO Box 921,
Westville, 3629

The following illustrates how to log a telephonic or email query, problem or complaint in the most effective manner.

Disputes and complaints may also be posted to Queries/Complaints at
MEDiPOS, PO Box 921, Westville, 3629 or via email to

It is important to follow the process depicted above as it will provide you with a response in the shortest possible time.

When you lodge a complaint, the Scheme will respond within five working days from the time the complaint was received. There are, however, complaints that need clinical input and investigation, and these would reasonably take longer to resolve. Members will always be informed of the status of their complaint and the Scheme will work tirelessly to make sure that the complaint is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Should you feel that your concerns are not being addressed you may also contact the office of the Principal Officer at

The Disputes Committee

Should you not be satisfied with the response from the Scheme, you can request in writing that your complaint be lodged with the Scheme`s Disputes Committee (you can send your request to the same contact details listed above). The Committee comprises independent professionals who have medical and legal expertise.

The Council for Medical Schemes

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can lodge a complaint
with the Registrar of the Council for Medical Schemes on

You are encouraged to make use of the internal procedures available to lodge your complaints, as you are guaranteed a speedy resolution.

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Resolving Problems & Queries

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