Dental Programme

The MEDiPOS Business Unit manages dental services on behalf of MEDiPOS. These include claims administration, pre-authorisation and benefit confirmation.

All dental treatment for specialised dental procedures and procedures that must be done in hospital (under general anaesthesia) require pre-authorisation (pre-approval) before treatment. Such requests can be sent via email, fax or post. The contact details are provided below.

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Specialised dentistry
Dental implant therapy
Request for orthodontic treatment

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Address: PO Box 921, Westville, 3629
Telephone: 0860 100 078
Fax: 0865 608 087


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Client Services
Tel: 0860 100 078
Fax: 086 566 1372

Managed Care Services (including hospital
pre-authorisation & ICON)

0860 100 078

MEDiPOS Anti-fraud Hotline
Tel: 0800 112 811

24 Hour Pre-Auth Guide

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