Maternity Programme

Caring for you!

Pregnancy is an extraordinary experience. It is one of the highlights of a woman’s life and most women will say that pregnancy and childbirth are the experiences that they will never forget.

Pregnant members and dependents of MEDiPOS have access to the Maternity Programme. The Maternity Programme is a comprehensive programme designed with the needs of expectant parents, and their support network in mind.

We aim to give you support, education and advice through all stages of your pregnancy, the confinement and postnatal (after birth) period. As part of the programme, you will be assigned your own personal care coach. All care coaches are registered nursing sisters with extensive experience and additional qualifications in midwifery. Your care coach will be able to offer specialist advice, whatever your question or concern, and check in with you regularly to offer support and guidance, before and after your baby is born.

The care coach will:

  • Help you to register on the Maternity Programme
  • Help you to understand the benefits available from the Scheme during your pregnancy and after the birth of your child
  • Advise you on issues such as your diet, exercise, small discomforts during pregnancy, home births, homeopathic remedies and breastfeeding
  • Provide advice on the number of days of hospital accommodation that will be covered by the Scheme during your confinement, as well as other available alternatives
  •  Empower you with important information so you can actively participate in discussions with your midwife or doctor in decisions about your health and birthing options
  • Help to authorise your admission to the hospital or birthing facility of your choice
  • Provide ongoing telephonic advice and support during the first few weeks of parenthood


Preparing For Your Baby’s Arrival
The 28th week marks the first phase of the final trimester of your pregnancy and you need to prepare for the baby’s arrival. The preparation stage begins with booking your hospital admission. You need to obtain pre-authorisation before you are admitted to hospital for a confinement. In case of an emergency, pre-authorisation can still be obtained within 24 hours after admission.

If you do not obtain pre-authorisation, you will be required to pay a penalty of R2 000 and your confinement benefit will be adjusted accordingly.

Hospital cover is limited

Subject to ongoing authorisation, as required by the Scheme, hospital cover shall be limited to the following periods:
Confinements (normal delivery) – three days (two nights)
Confinements (caesarean delivery) – four days (three nights).
Thereafter, no further benefits shall be paid unless such stay is further authorised and approved with extended periods not exceeding 24 hours at a time.


Contact the Client Services Department on 0860 100 078 with the following information:

  • A preferred contact number or email address
  • Your GP, Gynaecologist or registered Midwife’s name and surname
  • Your GP, Gynaecologist or registered Midwife’s practice number
  • Your expected date of delivery
  • Details of medical history and previous pregnancies (if applicable)

As part of the programme, your personal care coach will contact you on a regular basis to offer advice, support and encouragement, and you will be continuously monitored throughout your pregnancy


You should notify the Scheme of the birth of your baby within 60 days of birth.
You will need to obtain the Change in Membership form by calling us on 0860 100 078 or click here to download. 

Once you have completed the registration form kindly submit, with the supporting documents, to or fax to 086 763 1368.

Please ensure that you have the following information handy when completing the registration form:
• Proof of the birth from the hospital
• Birth certificate with your baby’s full ID number

A new membership card with the child’s details will be sent to you once you have submitted the forms and the required information. If you do not register the newborn as a dependant on your membership within the specific period, the Scheme will not pay any related medical claims that are incurred for the baby prior to his or her registration.